Single-Use Technology in Bioprocessing


How to improve productivity and operational efficiency

How to improve productivity and operational efficiency with single-use technology in bioprocessing


10am PST (Los Angeles) | 12pm CST (Chicago) | 1pm EST (New York)

Hosted by

Joe Griffiths-Barrasso


35-minute presentation, 10-minute Q&A (45 minutes total)

About the webinar

In many manufacturing environments, and especially in the biopharmaceutical market, there is a constant emphasis on making productivity improvements and streamlining everyday processes. To meet this rising demand from existing and developing markets, a greater diversity of drugs need to be produced on a global scale while balancing increased scrutiny from the public and regulatory authorities. Today, biopharma production facilities face unprecedented component supply risk for production.

If you are involved in bioprocessing, you may find you are consistently asking yourself how you can gain more efficiency and enhance productivity in your process. It’s the common question asked by many companies that work to meet the daily challenges of this industry. One solution that companies are turning to is the implementation of single-use technology (SUT). It’s been gaining popularity over the years and is becoming the norm in many instances. 

In this webinar, we will expand on what’s possible with single-use technology and then highlight practical ways it can make positive impacts on your workflow and bottom line. You will learn:

  • What SUT is and what it means for a typical production environment
  • How SUT reduces the risk of cross contamination
  • Advantages of sourcing SUT from an approved supplier versus permanent process lines and sourcing and assembling your own single-use components


Rob Martindale, Product Manager, EMEA, Masterflex

Rob Martindale, Masterflex, Product Manager, EMEA is the presenter of the webinarRob is the EMEA product manager for Masterflex, an Antylia Scientific company. Rob’s primary focus is introducing the steady stream of new innovative products into the marketplace. He assists our vast and experienced sales team as they provide customers with application solutions incorporating our Masterflex pumps, pump tubing and single-use technology. Rob has 20 years of experience working within manufacturing of medical devices. He began his career as a mechanical design engineer.


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