How to Choose a Digital Data Logger Thermometer for Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

How to Choose a

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Digital data logging thermometers (DDLs) are required for monitoring vaccines and to keep you compliant. They have an an internal memory that logs the data regularly throughout the day along with an alarm should the temperature veer outside of required limits. This data can be downloaded for analysis and reporting needs.

What you need in a digital data logger


Things needed in a digital data logger

Add cloud monitoring

Using data logging thermometers with Wi-Fi or Ethernet cloud monitoring, such as TraceableLIVE®, can provide peace of mind and keep product temperature in check. They offer an easy and secure way to connect a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer remotely with refrigerators and freezers. Once setup is complete, users can securely monitor parameters 24/7, control alarms remotely, view data logging history, run reports in real time, and give access to other team members. No local software is required to use a cloud-based data interface. Get mobile push notifications, emails, or texts for out-of-range conditions as well.

Meet 21 CFR Part 11

TraceableLIVE fully-compliant premium subscription meets 21 CFR Part 11 North American compliance and Annex 11 for Europe. All devices include ISO 17025 accredited calibration. If any of your TraceableLIVE devices detect an out of range condition, lose connection to your network, begin to run low on battery, or if your device is due for calibration TraceableLIVE will immediately send you alerts based on your settings.

See more information for choosing the right DDL for your vaccine cold chain needs.

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