[Video] How to Select Lab Bottles

Cole-Parmer Essentials lab bottles

Choose the right lab bottles for your needs in four simple steps.

Are you using a variety of lab bottles? It’s easy to just take the bottle off the shelf and not think twice about it. But, a lab bottle is not just a bottle. Do you know if you are using the absolute correct one for your needs? Bottles and jars are ideal for general handling, transporting, and storing liquids and solids. They can be made from glass or plastic and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Other bottles and jars such as BOD bottles, media bottles, dispensing jugs, sample jars, wash bottles, and precleaned bottles are used for more specific applications.

Variables to consider when choosing lab bottles

It’s easy to cut corners and grab the closest bottle on the shelf for the sake of time. Ever pour a substance into a small-mouth bottle but get more on the bench because the wide-mouth bottle wasn’t right in front of you? Thoughtfulness is crucial when selecting a bottle. Using the wrong bottle can turn into a safety issue. Place the wrong chemical in the wrong type of bottle material, and the chemical could eat right though the material. You don’t want your chemicals to end up on the floor, or even worse, on your lap. Placing your bottles in a hot or cold environment? Temperatures can also affect your bottles. And, the shape, size, and bottle color matters as well. Find out more in this short video:

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Selecting Your Laboratory Bottles

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