Take the Trickiness Out of Pesticide Testing and Analysis

Multiresidue pesticide standard mixes make pesticide testing easier

Spex certified organic reference materials for pesticide testingMultiresidue pesticide standard mixes can streamline your process.

Whether you work at a private laboratory, or for a national or international regulatory and standards organization, you may be tasked with pesticide testing and analysis in environmental systems, agricultural products, and consumer goods as they pertain to contamination and human health. And, this process can be tricky given the hundreds of compounds that are tested daily. Using multiresidue pesticide standard mixes help you to confirm the work you are performing and help you to become more efficient.

Because billions of pesticides are used in the world today, using multiresidue pesticide standard mixes—capable of determining many pesticides in one single run—is the quickest way to accurately identify pesticide residues in agricultural products and consumer goods such as foods and botanicals.

When you need organic certified reference materials for pesticide testing and analysis, we have the ideal reference materials that will provide accuracy, testing ease, and meets your ISO requirements.

Pesticide standard mixes

Spex CertiPrep multiresidue pesticide standard mixes are available now for your testing needs. The company is a leader in offering pesticide standards designed to work within EPA, AOAC, and FDA analytical testing methods using all the significant analytical techniques. Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry are well established techniques for many pesticide analyses. Spex offers GC mixes with over 200 compounds that allow you to create references for all the most used GC and GC/MS amenable pesticides in use in agriculture.

See all Spex CertiPrep organic certified reference materials.

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See all Spex CertiPrep organic certified reference materials.

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