Vaccines for Children (VFC) Compliant Data Loggers: Meet Recommendations Quickly

Traceable® Vaccine-Trac™ VFC Compliant Data Logger Bundle

VFC providers need VFC compliant data loggers

Being a Vaccines for Children (VFC) provider is a significant undertaking. Choosing VFC compliant data loggers can be challenging but finding a reliable brand can give you peace of mind. You don’t need to fret about finding a compliant data logger. You can find one quickly that meets complete requirements, because our Traceable® team has done all the work for you by developing a data logger bundle specifically to meet VFC compliance and work exactly as you need, so you can focus on high-quality care. We’ve also listed a few other products to meet your exact needs for the VFC Program.

Traceable Vaccine-Trac™ data logger

The New Traceable Vaccine-Trac Data Logger with TraceableLIVE® cloud monitoring is designed so your practice can easily meet data logger recommendations for the VFC Program. With this new data logger, your vaccines are monitored continuously and accurately. Reliable features such as audible and visual excursion alarms, calibration, and easy data export help you to calm your thoughts about the safety of your vaccines, 24/7. Your vaccines are safe, and you are compliant. You can breathe a sigh of relief and focus on what matters most.

What’s included in the bundle

This unique data logging bundle conforms to all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) vaccine storage and handling recommendations for the VFC program. The bundle includes the Vaccine-Trac data logger with bottle probe, bottle stand for optimal probe placement, USB drive for data transfer, and helpful signage to make compliance easier. The data logger includes a NIST-traceable certificate from our A2LA accredited (1750.01) calibration laboratory. The bottle probe is attached to a 10-ft (3-m) micro cable that pe a refrigerator/freezer door to close on it.

Features for peace of mind

VFC Program providers and anyone else who needs to monitor vaccines can easily monitor temperatures overnight or for any amount of time and ensure their data is saved, because the minimum and maximum temperatures are stored until the memory is cleared. High and low alarms can be set in one-degree increments. The alarm will sound when the temperature rises above or falls below set points. The alarm tracking feature stores data for up to 10 separate alarm events detailing when the alarm state occurred, as well as when the temperature returned within range. Alarm state indication includes visual LEDs, audible alerts, and flashing LCD segments.

In addition, recorded data can be transferred in a CSV format to any computer via a USB flash drive—no software is required. Simply clear memory after downloading data to USB drive. Data logger continues to record new data while downloading old data. Other status indicators include memory full, USB data transfer, active alarm state, and low battery.

Get more information about the Traceable Vaccine-Trac Data Logger Bundle.

More options for your VFC Program

Traceable TraceableGO™ Temperature and Temperature/Humidity Bluetooth® Data Loggers

Traceable Temperature Bluetooth-Enabled Data Logger compatible with TraceableLIVE Cloud Service with Bottle Probe– Easily access collected data between destinations
– Be prepared for audits
– No expensive and cumbersome software necessary
– Compatible with TraceableGO or TraceableLIVE mobile apps

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Traceable Wi-Fi Data Logging Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer Compatible with TraceableLIVE Cloud Service

Traceable Wi-Fi Data Logging Refrigerator Freezer Thermometer Compatible with Traceablelive Cloud-Service 1 Bottle and 1 Bullet Probe– Stay connected to your critical environments — wherever you go
– View current temperature conditions anywhere—cloud-based interface sends email, text, and push notifications
– Includes NIST-traceable certificate from our A2LA accredited (1750.01) calibration laboratory

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TraceableLIVE Cloud Service

TraceableLIVE Upgrade includes integration with Apple WatchMonitor your vaccines from wherever you are
– Complete VFC-compliant solution
– Simple to set up
– Know out-of-range conditions right away with alerts to your PC, phone, Apple Watch®
– Upload, manage, and store reports

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Learn more about VFC recommendations.

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