Laboratory proficiency testing: Why you should perform PT

Image of a lab technician charting samples for a laboratory proficiency test.

Get evidence of lab competence, confidence in testing results, and more.

What is laboratory proficiency testing?

Use laboratory proficiency testing (PTs) to comply with your labs accreditation requirements and evaluate your analysts’ performance. You can conduct one for specific tests or measurements or use it to monitor your labs continuing performance. PTs are an integral part of a quality management system (QMS) under quality assurance and control (QA/AC). Understanding the core components of the QMS, how the laboratory operates is an important part of passing any PT test.

Benefits of proficiency testing (PT)

Why conduct PTs

  • Demonstrate competency to third parties and regulatory bodies
  • Manage risk through early warning of problems
  • Get an independent evaluation
  • Educate and train your staff
  • Fulfill accreditation requirements
  • Compare results with laboratories around the world
  • Ensure customer confidence in your laboratory results
  • Identify problems and areas of improvement

How to order your PT

NSI Lab Solutions and USP collaborate to provide high-quality proficiency testing schemes.

Learn more and order your test

Get more FAQs on the program.


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