Always-In-Stock Lab Products Solve Supply Woes

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Lack of lab products derailing your workday?

If you work in a lab, maybe you’ve recently had one of these days when you went to reach for lab products you needed to use:

Scenario #1: You are getting ready for the day, go to calibrate your instrument, and you are out of calibration standards. You’ve been so busy, you didn’t realize you were on your last drop. Your science is stalled. You ask yourself, now what?

Scenario #2: It’s water testing season. You are excited to get out in the field. You gather your supplies and realize your water testing meter isn’t working. You check the cabinet—no backup meter. Now what do you do?

Scenario #3: You have a lot of samples to weigh. You go into the cabinet to get a weighing dish and someone used the last one. Now what?

Scenario #4: You are in charge of purchasing lab supplies. You go to place an order and all of the items in your cart are sold out. Where are you going to go now for those crucial supplies?

Solution: Did you know you can find hundreds of lab equipment and lab supplies that are always in stock at Cole-Parmer? Simply go to and find the orange Always-in-Stock icon on the product image. This icon let’s you know that item is in stock and ready to ship. Here is sample of items you can find always in stock:

Always-in-stock lab equipment and lab supplies

Always in stock icon for lab products





Cole-Parmer® Omega Zen™ Pipette Controller

Cole-Parmer® Omega Zen™ Pipette Controller for pipetting

This portable and lightweight pipette controller features an ergonomic rounded design with contoured buttons to help prevent hand fatigue after hours of use. Easily fine-tune pipetting speed with thumbwheel control and speedometer display. The LCD shows the dispensing speed, gravity mode, and battery charge. Eight speeds from drip dispense to 8.3 mL/second allow for precision and versatility while pipetting. Gravity mode is nonmotorized drop dispensing, in which the speed of the drops being dispensed can be controlled by the dispense trigger.

Cole-Parmer® Essentials Disposable Plastic Serological Pipettes

Cole-Parmer® Essentials Disposable Plastic Serological Pipettes for pipetting

Made from transparent medical-grade polystyrene. Precise reading and accurate dispensing to ±2%. Designed for accurate and rapid fluid dispensing, these disposable polystyrene (PS) serological pipettes feature a filter plug which eliminates lint fibers and a uniform mouth piece. Sharp, black, permanent graduations guarantee precise reading and accurate dispensing to ±2%. Reverse graduations show volume removed or remaining on all pipettes larger than 1 mL.

Cole-Parmer® EC-Series Portable Toploading Balance

The most Cole-Parmer® EC-Series Portable Toploading Balancepopular weighing features at an economical cost. Internal rechargeable battery for portability and convenience. An RS-232 interface allows for communication with a printer. Print function for GLP compliance. Capacity tracker warns of approaching overloads.





SpatulaBalance™ measures and scoops

Unique spatula both scoops material and instantly displays weight. Balance with digital display is located right in the easy-grip handle. Spatula Balance transfers and weighs crystals, granulated materials, solids, liquids, precipitates, and chemicals. Markings on see-through scoop are graduated from 5 to 30 mL in 5-mL increments for weighing liquids with ease.



Cole-Parmer® Clean Wipes

IndividuCole-Parmer® Clean Wipes are individual wipes for easy wipes are handy and ready to use. Snap-on sealed top eliminates contamination from dust or dirt. Premoistened wipes are available either with a blend of pure, reagent-grade 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% reagent-grade deionized water, or 100% pure reagent-grade deionized water.





See hundreds of Always-in-Stock lab products.

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