TraceableLIVE Updates Are Here!

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New features make this cloud service easier to use and set up from anywhere
TraceableLIVE devices dashboard

The Traceable team launched more new feature updates to TraceableLIVE to keep the app current with your needs. These updates provide a significant positive impact on your experience and include preloaded setting and alarm templates, the ability for you to create your own templates, and device-based user notifications from anywhere, even at the beach. You can truly use TraceableLIVE anywhere you have service.

Preloaded templates

New to TraceableLIVE are preloaded templates for monitoring Spex® chemical products according to the manufacturer’s preferred settings. Additional templates, including some ZeptoMetrix® products, are also in the works. These preloaded templates will be available to standard and Premium level TraceableLIVE subscribers.

Template setup function

TraceableLIVE Premium subscribers can create an unlimited amount of their own templates according to whatever parameters they wish, including the ability to set their own min/max, time zones, times, and notification types, as well as the name and description of their template. Once set, the template can be chosen from a drop-down menu and users can see how many devices are associated with each template.

Device-based user notifications

All TraceableLIVE subscribers can set up and apply monitoring and alarm settings by an individual device instead of by location. The benefits of this update are a simplified setup process, the ability to set up notifications on a ‘per-device’ basis, and admins will be able to assign specific users to specific devices.

About TraceableLIVE

TraceableLIVE-compatible products securely monitor our customers’ critical environments and notify their smartphone, tablet, PC, or Apple Watch® if anything goes wrong. Everyone on their team can receive email, text, and push notifications on the environments they monitor. Customers can also remotely view data logging history, effortlessly generate reports, and control alarm parameters. Traceable products come calibrated to NIST-traceable standards, helping customers meet quality and regulatory requirements.

Don’t have a TraceableLive account? You don’t know what you are missing! It truly gives you more time, so you can enjoy the summer with peace of mind knowing you are monitoring your samples 24/7.

Learn more about TraceableLIVE.

Find Traceable data loggers compatible with TraceableLIVE.

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