3 Steps to Protect Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Contents


Keep cryo samples safe in a Dewar with these simple steps.

cryogenic storage

3 Steps to Protect Cryogenic Contents in a Dewar

  1. Reliable temperature monitoring system

    The most effective method to guarantee safety and consistently low temperature of Dewar contents is to implement a dependable liquid nitrogen temperature monitoring system. TraceableLIVE®-compatible data loggers for cryo-temperature monitoring lets you know if anything goes wrong by contacting you via Apple Watch®, voice call, mobile push, e-mail, and text notifications.

  2. Maintain constant sample temperature

    Keep lid closed to maintain temperature and prevent liquid nitrogen evaporation.

  3. Keep Dewar filled at all times

    Traceable® data loggers doubles as a refill indicator. If the liquid nitrogen reserve needs to be refilled, a sudden drop in temperature will trigger an alarm event.

A winning combination

The Cole-Parmer® PolarSafe® Dewar together with the ultra-low Traceable® data logger is the perfect combination to safely store your critical samples while maintaining sample integrity.

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