A Guide to Stirrers, Hot Plates and Stirring Hot Plates


What are the types of stirrers, hot plates and stirring hot plates?

  • Compact: Small, colorful units fit in any lab.
  • Multiposition: An illuminating stirrer and a modular unit that offers remote immersible mixing.
  • Multiposition/Immersible: Immersible units can be placed completely underwater for constant temperature operations. Ideal for use in incubators.
  • Specialty: These can include modular units for flexibility and remote immersible mixing.
  • Analog: Operate these manually by turning the dial. They typically are the most economical of all units and ideal for basic stirring and heating.
  • Digital: Easy to use with the push of a button, digital units can provide greater accuracy and more features. Programmable models can be programmed directly from the front panel to control speed, temperature, and run time.
  • Large Capacity: Larger than the typical sizes, these units can handle up to 150 liters.
  • Explosion Proof: Ideal for operation in Class I, Group C and D environments.
  • Heavy Duty: Made to withstand even the toughest environments.

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