Traceable Thermometers and Timers Reimagined for Today’s Clinical Lab


Four top products were redesigned based on customer feedback.

Traceable’s research and development team conducted customer focus groups and industry conversations to learn how clinics, labs, academic institutions, logistics companies, and other organizations use Traceable products. The Traceable engineering team used that information to update four top-selling thermometers and timers to be even more user-friendly, more economical, and higher performing than ever.

These new reimagined products have a modern, attractive look and feel that is unique compared to anything else in the market: a standardized user interface with consistent fonts, nomenclature, setup, and installation features minimize training and questions across the platform; enhanced user experience with large buttons, high-contrast text, and purposeful placement to increase usability in the lab where the operator may be wearing PPE such as safety goggles and gloves; and boosted battery power for increased battery capacity and reduced maintenance.

In addition, all four of these top-selling products are still calibrated to NIST-traceable standards in the company’s A2LA-accredited (1750.01) calibration laboratory.

Traceable thermometers and timers

Traceable Refrigerator/Freezer Digital Thermometer with Probe

Reliably monitor and be alerted to any issues affecting the contents of a fridge or freezer without even opening the door. Exclusive pre-alert alarm lets you catch excursions before they happen.

Traceable Thermohygrometer with Clock

Monitor temperature, humidity, and time simultaneously. All three parameters are displayed on screen, all the time, so you can log conditions without putting down the clipboard.

Traceable Benchtop 3- and 4-Channel Timers with Alarm

Calibrated timers with digital clock developed with busy clinics and clinical labs in mind. These are always near-at-hand with clip-on magnet and benchtop configurations with adjustable viewing angle.

View Traceable 3-Channel Timer
View Traceable 4-Channel Timer 

More to Come

Traceable is looking forward to updating more top products based on customer-sourced usability information. Get more information about Traceable.

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