Vacuum Aspiration System: Easy Liquid Waste Removal

vacuum aspiration system

Ensure waste is removed safely and correctly.

Handling liquid waste is something that must be done carefully in a lab to ensure waste is removed safely and correctly and using a vacuum aspiration system makes the process easy as well. Labs working with liquid waste recovery, especially biological, chemical, and radioactive liquids, have typically used a vacuum pump for liquid aspiration. But a vacuum aspirator is a great replacement for the common vacuum pump. A vacuum aspirator is ideal for use in cell culture, RNA/DNA extraction, microplate waste removal, and any other separation of liquids and solids or liquid recovery.

The new Cole-Parmer vacuum aspiration system

Cole-Parmer VAS-200-4L / VAS-200-2L vacuum aspiration systems provide convenient handling of liquid waste disposal in a compact and easy-to-use self-contained system. They are very easy to assemble, /i/cole-parmer-essentials-vas-200-vacuum-aspiration-system-with-quick-release-couplings-cap-4l/1305050use, and clean. As you can see below, the vacuum aspirator is one complete unit that has few parts. Some assembly is required as shown in the short video below:

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