Understanding Pipettes and Pipettors [video]


We’ve simplified the terminology and added a bundle for you.

Pipettes and pipettors are fundamental components of experiments and ever present in laboratories. A pipette is a specially-calibrated glass or transparent plastic tube used to hold the exact volume or liquid specified. A pipettor is a pipetting aids or pipette controllers that allow you to easily draw samples into a pipette and stop contamination risk, reduce hand fatigue, and even decrease stress during long working hours. But what in the world are bundles? Read on to find out.

To contain vs. to deliver

When you transfer liquids via pipettes and pipettors, do you know what the terminology means? Here are three terms to know:

  1. To contain

    Pipette holds the exact volume of liquid specified.

  2. To deliver/blow out

    Pipette must be allowed to drain, then the drop that remains in the tip must be blown out and added to the original delivery to equal the exact volume.

  3. To deliver

    Pipette must be held vertically with the tip against the side of the receiving vessel and allowed to drain completely. The stated volume is obtained when draining stops. The “blow out” technique should not be used with this type of pipette.


Cole-Parmer combined these two products to give you a bundle of savings!

Cole-Parmer Pipette Controller and Serological Pipette Bundles

Bundled for convenience the pipette controller and polystyrene serological pipettes provide you with everything you need to keep your dispensing consistent and reliable. The pipette controller features an ergonomic rounded design with contoured buttons to help prevent hand fatigue after hours of use. The LCD shows the dispensing speed, gravity mode, and battery charge. Eight speeds from drip dispense to 8.3 mL/second allow for precision and versatility while pipetting. Gravity mode is nonmotorized drop dispensing, in which the speed of the drops being dispensed can be controlled by the dispense trigger. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 9 hours of continuous use.

Made from transparent bio-compatible polystyrene, the serological pipettes feature an unique filter plug that eliminates lint fibres and ensures the plug stays in place to prevent overfilling. Each lot is tested for endotoxins and cytotoxicity and guaranteed non-haemolytic—ideal for tissue culture applications. The highly legible permanent graduations prevent ambiguity and guarantee precise dispensing to ±2%. Generous negative graduations provide additional pipetting volume.

See our complete line of pipettes and pipettors.

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