New Cryogenic Grinder Automates Liquid Nitrogen Dispensing

cryogenic grinder

Automated processing from bulk to test preparation in 15 minutes or less.

The new Cole-Parmer CG-900 Cryo-Blade™ Cryogenic Grinder is an ultra-high-capacity cryogenic grinder for comminution and processing capability up to 1 kg. Only 1 g is needed as a representative test sample from a 1 kg ground batch. High-throughput capability saves valuable time for the laboratory and meets Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. The Cryo-Blade automates dispensing of liquid nitrogen in 15 minutes or less, eliminating lengthy processes and the need to handle and manipulate liquid nitrogen. It is ideal for analysis of organic pollutants in food products (pesticide residues) and QuEChERS.

How the Cryo-Blade works

Once the CryBlade cryogenic grinder automatically dispenses liquid nitrogen to allow the sample to reach cryogenic temperatures, it then activates a grinding phase to pulverize samples, resulting in repeatable and reproducible sample comminution. You never need to handle or manipulate the liquid nitrogen. When liquid nitrogen is not desired or available, the unit can be used with dry ice to achieve desired results.

With this unique cryogenic grinder, automatic and protocol modes are available. In automatic mode, parameters are set based onCryogenic grinder interface the volume of the sample. Protocol mode allows the user to save up to 10 protocols. The cycle can be executed in 15 minutes when using liquid nitrogen, or 30 minutes when using dry ice. The intuitive interface includes 12 languages.

Additional Cryo-Blade features

Additional features include an insulated outer bowl, mechanical locking lever, and sensors that provide the user with a safe, consistent, and reliable sample with each use. The removable 5 L inner bowl can accommodate samples up to 1 kg and allows samples to be stored in the freezer, giving the user the option of using a second bowl to prepare a new batch. The outer bowl is insulated to always allow safe touch, although using protective gloves is recommended.

Grinding the sample

See how a watermelon sample looks before and after grinding.
Cryogenic Grinding
View the Cole-Parmer CG-900 Cryo-Blade™ Cryogenic Grinder

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