What is a COD Colorimeter?

COD coloimeter

Measure chemical oxygen demand of wastewater samples.

A COD colorimeter allows you to measure chemical oxygen demand (COD) of wastewater samples in the field or on the bench.

A colorimeter measures the light absorbed by a sample after it reacts with a reagent that produces a color change. Since the intensity of absorbed light is proportional to the concentration of the compound, colorimeters accurately indicate the concentration of various compounds in your sample. Many colorimeters work with specific test kits for easy analysis. This reduces operator error, whether in reading color changes or in measuring reagents.

What is COD?

COD or chemical oxygen demand is a slightly different category of test. There is not one COD atom or molecule. You can’t hold COD in your hand and point to it. It is also not a method defined parameter. It is simply a definition. COD is the amount of oxygen consumed when all materials present in a sample are fully oxidized.

COD colorimeter

The Environmental Express COD 200 colorimeter is intended for critical measurement of COD at various concentration ranges in wastewater samples. Its rugged, handheld design makes it adaptable for field, treatment plant, or laboratory settings. With stored calibration and simplistic user navigation menus, the meter is easily operated by technicians at any experience level. Ease of operation combined with repeatable accuracy for measurement of COD will allow your lab to confidently determine the effectiveness of wastewater treatment processes for regulatory compliance.

Key features for the COD colometer

    • Rugged, portable design adapts to use in the field, treatment plant, or lab bench
    • Simplistic user displays for easy operation at any skill level
    • Preprogrammed testing ranges easily accessed for quick measurement (* see below)
    • High-quality optical system quickly delivers repeatable and accurate measurement for confident wastewater effluent screening
    • Single or multi point calibration supporting various compliance requirements
    • Auto zero function removes the need for re-zeroing the meter between sample measurements saving time in the field
    • IP68-rated waterproof design ensures watertight protection for up to 1 hour
    • Automatic storage of testing records for up to 16 readings with time-and-date stamp for reliable chain of custody tracking

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