3 Top-Rated and Best Lab Balances

top-rated lab balances

Need to weigh? Look at these top-rated and best lab balances.

Lab balances come in a variety of formats, capabilities, and brands. Aside from getting the type of balance and functionality you need, it can be difficult to pinpoint why to choose one over another. Not sure where to even start? Why not start at the top? Check out these best-selling and top-rated balances at Cole-Parmer:

Cole-Parmer LB-200-224e Analytical Balance

analytical balance readability external calibrationThis is the best of the best laboratory balance. As a top-selling balance, this Cole-Parmer  is popular for features that accomodate an array of functions and features. This LB-200 analytical balance offers faster, more accurate readings. With stylish, modern backlighting, the impressive display is easily visible in any lighting condition. The LCD features large, readily discernible 24 mm digits. Multilingual text and display capability make LB-200 well-suited for users in various regions. For simple operation, navigation buttons are color-coded, helping users perform functions with minimal training. LB-200 provides USB and RS-232 interfaces to facilitate data collection and transmission to computers or printers. ABS plastic construction and the rugged grade 304 stainless steel pan are easy to clean and can withstand demanding lab use.

Cole-Parmer TB-800-310i Analytical Balance with Touchscreenanalytical touchscreen balance

Experience an easier way to weigh with the Cole-Parmer TB-800-310i analytical touchsceen balance. It features a removable glass draft shield with three doors for easy cleanup and access to the weighing pan. The balances are calibrated either internally or externally using a calibration mass. The 4-1/4″ x 2-1/2″ color capacitive touch-screen display features a status bar, weighing result window, editable information fields, and editable tool bar. The area beneath weight indication display can be customized to meet your personal programming needs. Two built-in infrared (IR) proximity sensors can be programmed with different functions for each working mode enabling touch-free balance control, while minimizing cross-contamination.

Cole-Parmer PB-300-2000 Precision Portable Toploading Balance

analytical balance external calibrationYou will love the compact size of this Cole-Parmer PB-300-2000 toploading balance that features an ALIBI-compliant onboard memory. Ideally suited to regulated industries requiring data integrity and auditing capabilities, the ALIBI function prevents data modification and deletion. Printing and streaming of GLP-compliant weight reports are also available for industries subject to audit. Included data collection software allows you to export logged data for further analysis. USB A and B ports support device and PC connection, and RS-232 provides printer or PC connection. Balances may run on mains power, or use the built-in rechargeable battery where portability is necessary.



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