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Pumping Abrasive Fluids with Masterflex

Masterflex® tubing pumps are well suited for pumping abrasive slurries for several reasons. The peristaltic pumping action is gentle on the fluid, reducing tubing wear. The only part of the pump the fluid comes in…

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Metering Pumps: What’s Your Type?

Metering pumps move precise volumes of liquid in a specified time period to provide accurate flow rates. This class of pumps moves liquids in two stages: the suction stroke and the discharge stroke. During the…

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Building a Masterflex Pump: A Precision Process

Tucked away in northwest Barrington, Illinois, the Masterflex® manufacturing facility hums with productivity. Technicians work in “cells” or U-shaped setups to assemble individual pumps that will transfer fluids for a variety of critical purposes. From…