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Case Studies: Masterflex PharMed Tubing Outpaces Silicone

  PharMed® tubing has been shown to deliver significant benefits for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostic applications. Here are two examples: A pharmaceutical manufacturer replaced the group’s silicone tubing with PharMed in a liquid and liquid…

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Special Masterflex Tubing for Challenging Applications

Demanding or unique applications require specially formulated tubing. Masterflex® has a pump tubing that will meet the challenge. It is used in chemical processing, research, water treatment, pharmaceutical, biotech, and industrial applications as well as…

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Masterflex Tubing: Get a Sample to Make the Right Choice

Masterflex® tubing, used in Masterflex pumps, is manufactured for use in demanding peristaltic pump applications. With 22 different tubing formulations, choosing the right one for your pump and your application is essential. Masterflex tubing is…