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Barb Size-Port 2 (in)

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Connection Type-Port 2

Connection Type-Port 1


Luer Fittings

Optimize Your Lab Efficiency with Premium Luer Fittings
Discover top-quality luer fittings explicitly designed for laboratory and cleanroom environments. Our extensive range includes connectors, adapters, and accessories crafted from durable plastic materials, ensuring optimal performance without the risk of contamination. These fittings are not only perfect for scientific applications but also offer secure connections for fluid handling and precise sampling, all with a user-friendly design. Enhance your lab's efficiency and maintain stringent cleanliness standards with our reliable and easy-to-use luer fittings tailored to meet the unique demands of modern scientific research. Explore our selection today and experience the superior quality and functionality of our products.

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Why Should You Use Cole-Parmer’s High-Quality Luer Fittings to Elevate Your Lab's Precision?

Reliable Leak-Free Connections

Experience peace of mind with Cole-Parmer's luer fittings, designed for reliable, leak-free connections. Our fittings ensure a secure and stable connection for all your fluid handling needs, preventing contamination and ensuring precision in your experiments. Our fittings are built with high-quality plastic materials, perfect for maintaining the integrity of your samples and processes in laboratory and cleanroom environments.

Easy and Versatile Usage

Discover the convenience and versatility of Cole-Parmer's luer fittings are the perfect fit for various applications. Whether you require connectors, adapters, or other accessories, our fittings are designed with your ease of use in mind and are compatible with a wide range of laboratory equipment. Their intuitive design ensures swift and hassle-free assembly, freeing you to concentrate on your scientific research and procedures.

Enhanced Durability and Safety

Rest easy with the durability and safety of Cole-Parmer's luer fittings, meticulously crafted from premium plastic materials. These fittings are engineered to resist chemicals and corrosion, ensuring enduring performance in demanding laboratory settings. Their sturdy construction offers a dependable solution for fluid transfer and sampling, safeguarding the accuracy and consistency of your experiments and analyses.

Superior Cleanroom Compatibility

Maintain the highest cleanliness standards with Cole-Parmer's luer fittings, specifically designed for cleanroom use. These fittings help you uphold strict hygiene protocols by minimizing the risk of contamination. Their seamless integration into your cleanroom environment ensures that your operations remain sterile and uncontaminated, supporting the integrity and reliability of your scientific research.


Explore Our Selection Now and Elevate Your Labs Performance.
Cole-Parmer's luer fittings provide reliable, leak-free connections, easy and versatile usage, enhanced durability and safety, and superior cleanroom compatibility. Designed to meet the stringent demands of laboratory and cleanroom environments, these fittings ensure precision and integrity in your scientific research. Upgrade your lab today with Cole-Parmer's high-quality luer fittings.