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Adhesives and Epoxies

Adhesives and Epoxies
Polyurethane adhesive is just one of hundreds of products created out of the ubiquitous substance polyurethane. More than 12 million metric tons of raw materials made out of polyurethane were used around the world. It is a practical, functional compound that allows for countless applications in several industries. If you are repairing tools, electrical and electronic components auto parts, furniture or machinery then polyurethane adhesive is a great substance for you to have. Polyurethane adhesive and other expoxies to help you tackle the most challenging materials and jobs. For applications that require a fast-setting adhesive or epoxy, it is important to consider a few important factors before you get started. Taking into account the materials you are bonding together, the strength of the adhesive, curing time, temperature, as well as how you would like to apply the adhesive or epoxy are all necessary to define in order to select the correct product for your application requirements. Do more in less time and ensure your confidence in your project with our quick-setting adhesives and expoxies. If you have questions about polyurethane adhesive contact a Cole-Parmer Technical Expert today.
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