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Explore Precision with Our Advanced Balances and Scales. Achieve unmatched accuracy and reliability in your measurements with our extensive selection of balances and scales. Designed for professionals in laboratories, industries, and educational settings, our products offer precision, ease of use, and durability. Whether you need analytical balances for scientific research, industrial scales for heavy-duty weighing, or compact scales for educational purposes, we understand your unique requirements and offer the ideal solution tailored to your specific needs. Browse our range today and elevate your measurement standards.

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Why Cole-Parmer Should Be Your Go-To for Laboratory Balances and Scales


Step into the future of precision with our latest range of balances and scales, which includes both digital and analog models designed for exact measurements. Ideal for everything from routine tasks to complex analyses requiring meticulous accuracy, our instruments are engineered to deliver outstanding reliability and performance. Whether you're weighing minute samples or need robust scales for heavier loads, our technology ensures precision across all your applications.


Our comprehensive lineup of balances and scales meets a wide spectrum of measurement needs, capable of handling anything from a few micrograms to several kilograms. This flexibility makes our devices suitable for a range of environments, from compact lab spaces handling delicate substances to industrial settings managing bulk materials. Find the perfect scale or balance that fits the specific demands of your projects, ensuring efficiency and precision.


Understanding that different measurements require different surface characteristics, our balances and scales come with a variety of platform materials, including glass, stainless steel, and polymer composites. This selection allows you to choose the best surface based on your needs for durability, chemical resistance, and ease of cleaning, enhancing your workflow regardless of the task complexity.


Our balances and scales are indispensable tools across multiple fields, proving crucial for tasks such as quantitative analysis, quality control, formulation, and material testing. They are essential in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and food production to scientific research and manufacturing. This versatility ensures that our devices are not only tools but pivotal elements in advancing research, ensuring quality, and facilitating production processes.