Fluid Handling

Fluid Handling
We have an extensive range of Fluid Handling for both liquid and gas applications. We specialize in flow measurement and control of media in flow lines less than 2". Our level control instrumentation is perfect for use with small to medium process and industrial tanks and storage vessels. Choose from level sensors, float switches, optical switches, and ultrasonic transmitters/controllers for single-point control, dual-point control, continuous-level control, and leak detection. Our valve selection offers solutions to meter and control fluids in laboratory, process, and industrial applications. Types of valves available include options from simple and inexpensive plastic ball valves to actuated solenoid and manifold valves. Other types of valves include check, diaphragm, elliptical, metering, needle, pinch, proportioning, and stopcocks. To fit your fluid path, connection types include barbed, compression, luer, sanitary clamp, NPT, and true-union.
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Enhance Your Fluid Management with Premier Equipment. Cole-Parmer is your premier source for advanced fluid handling equipment. Our extensive lineup is expertly designed for both liquid and gas applications suitable for pipelines up to 2 inches in diameter. We ensure precise flow measurement and control across all our fluid handling systems, making them ideal for any setup that demands high-performance fluid management.
Cole-Parmer's fluid handling solutions are synonymous with quality and reliability. By combining cutting-edge technology with stringent testing, our equipment consistently exceeds industry standards, enhancing your operational efficiency.

Why Choose Our Fluid Handling Equipment?

Flow Measurement Instruments

Our instruments provide reliable solutions for controlling the flow of media in pipelines. Choose from a variety of sensors and controllers to fit your specific application needs.

Level Control

Ideal for small to medium-sized industrial tanks and storage vessels. We offer:
• Level Sensors
• Float Switches
• Optical Switches
• Ultrasonic Transmitters/Controllers
• Available for single-point, dual-point, continuous-level control, and leak detection.


Manage and regulate the flow in laboratory, process, and industrial settings.
Our diverse selection includes:
• Plastic Ball Valves
• Actuated Solenoid Valves
• Manifold Valves
• Check, Diaphragm, Elliptical, Metering, Needle, Pinch, Proportioning, and Stopcock Valves
Connection types available:
• Barbed, Compression, Luer, Sanitary Clamp, NPT, True-Union

Tubing and Hose

A critical component for any fluid handling system, our tubing and hoses ensure secure and efficient transport of liquids and gases. Available in various materials and sizes to suit your requirements.