Product Type

Barb Size-Port 2 (in)


Regulatory Approvals

Connection Type-Port 2

Connection Type-Port 1


Luer Fittings

Luer Fittings
Cole-Parmer offers an extensive selection of Luer lock and slip fittings, meticulously crafted from 100% virgin raw materials for unparalleled purity and performance. Our product range spans from plastic to metal, including specialty plastics, ensuring material compatibility for a broad spectrum of laboratory and medical applications. Our plastic Luer fitting assemblies and specialty plastic Luer connectors are engineered for precision, offering seamless integration with syringes and small tubing. Ideal for secure Luer connections, these fittings provide the reliability needed for sensitive applications. For environments demanding the utmost in durability and chemical resistance, our metal Luer fittings—including male and female Luer connectors, stopcocks, and manifolds—stand up to the challenge. These high-pressure Luer fittings are crafted from premium metals, ensuring a worry-free cleaning process and easy disassembly. Choose from a comprehensive assortment of sizes, each designed to facilitate a secure, leak-proof connection. Whether you need medical-grade Luer fittings for healthcare applications or robust metal Luer fittings for laboratory setups, our products guarantee compatibility and reliability across all applications. Elevate your laboratory equipment with our Luer fitting assemblies, available in both Luer lock and slip configurations, to ensure secure and efficient connections every time.
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