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Lab ovens have become more energy and work efficient. Laboratory ovens with easy programming, automation, and greater drying efficiency can get you up and running quickly. Whether your lab oven is for drying, ageing, softening, or sterilizing, we have a variety of the latest heating technologies including mechanical convection ovens with internal data loggers and ethernet interface. Choose from a wide selection of temperature and capacity ranges.

Featured Ovens

Programmable Vacuum Ovens

Cole-Parmer Programmable Vacuum Ovens

Easily manage up to eight programs with eight steps each

Mechanical Convection Drying Ovens

Cole-Parmer Mechanical Convection Drying Ovens

Accurate and reliable temperature control up to 482°F (250°C)

Gravity Convection Drying Ovens

Cole-Parmer Gravity Convection Drying Ovens

Low energy consumption able to heat samples up to 392°F (200°C)

Botanical Vacuum Ovens

Cole-Parmer Botanical Vacuum Ovens

Process botanical extract faster and safer

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