Laboratory shakers are the preferred method for blending samples inside tubes and flasks. Precision shaking motion is essential for many lab applications, but not all shakers perform the same task. The most commonly used orbital shaker provides a smooth continuous motion for uniform mixing. For a side-to-side motion with simple agitation, choose a reciprocating shaker or dual-action shaker. Delicate samples require a rotating motion. If you want to duplicate the effect of hand mixing, select the wrist-action shaker. The rocking tool creates a gentle uniform mixing with its see-saw motion. We have a wide variety of shakers to provide you with the exact shaking motion your application requires.

Featured Shakers

Orbital Shakers

Cole-Parmer SH-200 Series Orbital Shakers

Maintain consistent shaking speeds, even over long periods of time

Reciprocating Shakers

Cole-Parmer SH-200 Series Reciprocating Shakers

Powerful yet quiet – perfect for continuous use applications

See-Saw Rocking Shakers

Cole-Parmer SH-200 Series See-Saw Rocking Shakers

Gentle rocking at a 7 degree tilt angle is perfect for culture flasks and Petri dishes.

Gyro Rocking Shakers

Cole-Parmer SH-200 Series Gyro Rocking Shakers

Gentle swirling prevents foaming

Stuart Shakers