Lab Shakers

Lab Shakers
Laboratory shakers provide the motion in the lab to blend samples inside of tubes, flasks and petri dishes at precise speeds. This handy lab equipment is appropriate for cultures, extractions, washing, immunoassays, gels, blots and more. They can provide gentle or aggressive motion and move by different methods. Precision shaking motion is essential for many lab applications, but not all lab shakers perform the same task.

A variety of shaker types are available. The most used orbital shaker provides a smooth continuous motion for uniform mixing. For a side-to-side motion with simple agitation, a reciprocating shaker or dual-action shaker works well. Delicate samples require a rotating shaker. To duplicate the effect of hand mixing, use a hand motion shaker. Use incubating shakers to avoid needing to place a shaker inside of an incubator. The rocking tool creates a gentle uniform mixing with its see-saw motion.

Whether you need gentle or aggressive action open-air or incubated, Cole-Parmer has a wide variety of laboratory shakers to provide you with the exact shaking motion you require. Choose from hand motion, incubating, microplate, orbital, reciprocating, rocking, rotating, and vortex. Our lab shakers are reliable, easy-to-use, price-sensitive, and trusted. We also have shaker accessories and parts to optimize the shaker brands we offer. Choose from a vortex mixer/shaker accessory cup pack to expand performance, stack blocks for roller shakers to save bench space, rubber platform mats for non-slip surface on orbital shakers, and more.

Before selecting a laboratory shaker, consider your needs and the following information:

Factors to consider when choosing a lab shaker:
  • motion appropriate for your application
  • speed of the shaker
  • if tilt will be needed
  • size required for your lab
  • type of holder for your samples
  • whether your samples are temperature sensitive
You can also read our Lab Shakers Guide to find more information. Once you are ready to buy your shaker, use our featured shakers and categories to find the right one for your lab.

Lab Shaker FAQs

What is a shaker?

A shaker is laboratory equipment that can blend samples in a flask, tube and petri dish. There are a variety of types, as not all lab shakers perform the same task. They are designed with a motor and base top that provides some type of motion for blending and mixing. They are used for scientific experiments and research in laboratories around the globe.

What does a lab shaker do?

Laboratory shakers makes a specific and controlled motion to blend samples inside of tubes or flasks safely. They can also suspend, emulsify, homogenize, disintegrate, suspend, disperse and dissolve samples safely, controlled, and in a constant manner. These motions can break apart sedimented materials and evenly disperse particles in liquid.

What is the difference between orbital shaker and rocker?

An orbital shaker makes a motion that goes around similar to how planet Earth orbits the sun, thus the name orbital shaker. A rocking shaker makes a motion like a see-saw tilting up and down.

What is the difference between shaker and mixer?

Laboratory shakers are equipped with a have plates that tilt up and down as well as side to side for an added mixing element. Laboratory mixers use a blade or paddle, when inserted into the sample, stirs the sample around and around to mix it together.

Why use an incubating shaker?

An incubating shaker provides a set temperature or environment while providing the needed motion. It is ideal for cell culture because is replicates the movement of cells in their environment. Incubating shakers eliminate the need to place a shaker inside of an incubator.

Featured Shakers

Orbital Shakers

Cole-Parmer SH-200 Series Orbital Shakers

Maintain consistent shaking speeds, even over long periods of time

Reciprocating Shakers

Cole-Parmer SH-200 Series Reciprocating Shakers

Powerful yet quiet – perfect for continuous use applications

See-Saw Rocking Shakers

Cole-Parmer SH-200 Series See-Saw Rocking Shakers

Gentle rocking at a 7 degree tilt angle is perfect for culture flasks and Petri dishes.

Gyro Rocking Shakers

Cole-Parmer SH-200 Series Gyro Rocking Shakers

Gentle swirling prevents foaming