Precision extruded & pump tested formulations engineered to provide the highest quality for tubing life, pressure, and suction lift.

Over 80 formulations of transfer tubing in sizes you need from brands you trust

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chemical compatibility

Certificate of Compliance

Certificate of Compliance

Single-Use Components & Assemblies

Single-Use Components & Assemblies

Custom Cut Tubing

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Top Tubing Formulations

Silicone Platinum-cured tubing
C-flex tubing
Puri-Flex tubing
PharMed BPT tubing
PTFE tubing
Chem-Durance Bio tubing
Tygon E-LFL tubing
Norprene tubing


How to Verify Your Tubing Compatibility

weigh and measure your tubing sample

Weigh and Measure
the length and diameter of tubing sample

Immerse sample in test fluid for 48 hours

Using a closed vessel, immerse the sample in your fluid for 48 hours

reweigh, remeasure

Reweigh, Remeasure,
and examine the sample for swelling, brittleness or other deterioration

Test in pump

Test in Pump
under actual temperature, vacuum/pressure, or other operating conditions

NOTE: PharmaPure and Chem-Durance Bio tubing formulations are co-extruded with different inner and outer materials and require modified testing methods. Contact Masterflex, part of Avantor for chemical testing instructions. Check our chemical resistance database