Cole-Parmer Stuart Configurable Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirring Hot Plates

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Stuart configurable stirring hotplate

A simple clean body reduces splash from spillage and has BioCote antimicrobial protection. A spill-resistant front control module with chemically toughened glass protects against cosmetic damage.

Premium units offer a full color 4” TFT screen. Both set and actual temperature of the sample are displayed simultaneously. Create programs and save individual temperature and speed profiles. Includes a PTFE-coated temperature probe and are available in eight color choices, Blue, Black, White, Red, Pink, Violet, Avocado and Tangerine. Update in the field and when new firmware versions are available with the built-in connectivity.

analog display
digital display
premium display

Technical Specifications

Stuart Analog Stirring Hotplate Analog Interface
Stuart Digital Stirring Hotplate - Digital Interface
Stuart Stirring Hotplate - Premium Interface
Model type
Hot plates, Stirring Hot Plates
Hot plates, Stirring Hot Plates
Magnetic Stirrer, Hot plates,
Stirring Hot Plates
Plate material
Ceramic, Aluminum, or for Stirrers: Stainless Steel
Plate dimensions, mm
150 x150
Heated area, mm
120 x 120 ceramic, 150 x 150 aluminum
Heater power, Watts
500 ceramic, 700 aluminum
Max. plate temp. °F (°C)
842 (450) ceramic, 572 (300) aluminum
Connection for ext. temperature sensor
Yes, Pt100 temperature sensor
SCT1 contact thermometer
SCT1 contact thermometer
Full color, 4" TFT 
Digital 7 segment temperature display, LED array speed display
Analog LED array
Hot warning light
Flashes when plate temperature is above 50°C even when unit is turned off/unplugged
Stirrer speed, rpm
200 to 2000
Max. stirring capacity, litres
Available colors
Blue, White, Black, Avocado, Red, Tangerine, Violet, Pink
Blue, White, Black
Blue, White, Black
Electrical supply
115V-230V for Stirrers, 115V or 230V for hot plates and stirring hot plates, 50/60Hz
Stuart Magnetic Stirrer, Stirring Hot Plate, & Hot Plate diagram