CPLive - Upload Data, Store, and Share in the Cloud

What is CPLive?

CPLive significantly simplifies your workflows, securely archives & shares your data, easily scaling your research, and intuitively manages multiple machines.
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Secure Data Access

CPLive Secure Data Access

Safely upload and share data with other users. CPLive data is time stamped, encrypted, stored and backed up 24/7.
CPLive Security FAQs

Manage and Add Devices

CPLive Multiple Devices

Simultaneously connect to multiple devices and add more as your laboratory grows.

Remotely Monitor

Wireless data monitoring

Remotely monitor via PC, tablet, and smartphone.

Cloud Storage

Cloud data storage

All your protocols and results are stored securely by Microsoft Azure and eliminates the need of a companion PC.


Share data, manage your account. 24/7 remote access from anywhere

CPLive Mobile Access to Cloud Data Storage

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