Guide for Using CPLive and FAQs

You will need an ethernet cable. Plug this into the port at the rear of the instrument.
• Plug the other end of the cable to your network or to a mobile Wi-Fi device.
• Once there is a connection you will see a green icon in the top left hand of the screen.
• Check the connection in the Settings menu under Network Connections.

Go to the following website: and fill out the form and then click Register.

Yes. To do this click the arrow next to your name at the top right of the web app and select Account settings. Navigate to the account users tab and select the ‘+’ button to add a new user. Each user has their own credentials for login, the password is set-up when the user is added, and the username is their email address.

A non-admin user can see only their own files or files not linked to a specific user. They cannot see files linked to other users.

First you need to add a device. From the Home page click on Add Device. Fill out the form. The Device ID is the unique serial number of the instrument. Device Alias allows you to quickly recognize which unit is in use. When finished, click Add Device.

When you have saved a method, touch the overflow icon at the top of the method screen. The pop-up will give the option to upload the method to CPLive. To upload results, touch UPLOAD at the bottom of the result screen. In both cases a green pop-up will confirm a successful upload.

First select the device the methods/results were saved from. Navigate to the Methods or Results tab to view a list of uploaded files. To view a file, click on it to open.

Open the result file then click on Report. Select the report format, email address and click Generate Report. The file will be emailed to the address.

Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, IE 10-11. IOS 8 forward and Android 4.1 forward.

For further information or assistance email [email protected]