CPLive Security Guide

CPLive is hosted on Microsoft Azure, one of the most secure and robust platforms in the world. Data is stored in the Cloud and partitioned is such a way that no user can ever see data in another tenant.

Unlike devices that have been exploited in recent security incidents, CPLive connects to WiFi networks passively, making your data virtually impossible to compromise.

CPLive infrastructure is protected by industry standard firewalls maintained and updated by Microsoft. OAuth security protocol is used for authentication and authorization of users.

All data is encrypted during transfer via HTTPS. We use SSL certificates for encryption through a 2048-bit key. Data confidentiality is ensured as a by-product of our multitenant architecture. All CPLive-enabled devices are backed up by Microsoft to comply with the SLAs on those services. The databases and storage accounts we use are geo-redundant to help with system resilience.

The user interfaces work via HTTPS. Any network firewall usually has ports 80 and 443 already open. Devices that have bidirectional communication with the service layer enabled also require the ports used for MQTT service (8883, 1883, 31768) to be opened as well.

Yes, you can recover data your data through CPLive. Your CPLive-enabled device securely caches up to 7 days’ worth of data readings when the logging interval is set to 15 minutes.

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