120000/PQ-12DC Miniature Gear Pump, 0.67 GPM (2520 mL/min), 12 VDC Lab Model

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Mfr # 120000/PQ-12DC – Item # EW-07012-20
Complete mini gear pump systems for low-flow applications
  • Maximum flow rates up to 0.67 GPM
  • Choose from nonenclosed OEM, lab, and fully enclosed lab versions
  • 115 VAC, 230 VAC, and 12 VDC models


$74.00USD / Each


Specifications & Description

  • Max Flow Rate (LPM)2.52
  • Max Flow Rate (GPM)0.67
  • Max Pressure (PSI)21
  • Max Pressure (bar)1.4
  • Suction Lift, Wet (in H₂O)120
  • Suction Lift, Wet (mm of H₂O)3048
  • Suction Lift, Dry (in H₂O)4
  • Suction Lift, Dry (mm of H₂O)102
  • Power (VDC)12
  • Power (amps)2
  • Power Cord8"cord, no plug
  • Wetted Parts304 SS, PTFE
  • Seal MaterialBuna N
  • Body MaterialAcetal
  • Gear MaterialAcetal
  • Inlet Connection3/16" hose barb
  • Outlet Connection3/16" hose barb
  • Relief ValveNo
  • Run DryNo
  • Duty Cycle ContinuousYes
  • ParticulatesNo
  • Max Temperature (° F)200
  • Max Temperature (° C)93
  • Max Viscosity (cP)200
  • Width (in)1.75
  • Width (cm)4.5
  • Length (in)4
  • Length (cm)10.2
  • Height (in)2.625
  • Height (cm)6.7
  • DescriptionMiniature Gear Pump, 0.67 GPM (2520 mL/min), 12 VDC Lab Model


models 07012-00, -02 have 12" (30.4-cm) leads with no plug; models 07012-30, -32 have an aluminum enclosure and a 7-ft (2.1-m) cord with grounded plug and in-line switch; model 07012-20 has an 8-inch (20.3-m) cord with no plug.

Key Features

  • Maximum flow rates up to 0.67 GPM
  • Choose from nonenclosed OEM, lab, and fully enclosed lab versions
  • 115 VAC, 230 VAC, and 12 VDC models


Decent Lab pump with way better pressure than a centripital


My pumps been working for maybe 80 hrs of operation over the course of a year of research. I am using the pump with PWM through an N-channel MOSFET on the ground with a fly-back diode and clamping zener diode. I also strapped a fan on the backside of the motor for cooling and even at 100% it's cool to the touch. When running below 80% is't not too noisy. The ground connections seem to be getting a little flaky lately or maybe it's my driving circuit.


Troy, NY


Terrible Pump


We have used two of these pumps. Both broke within 30 minutes of use within the design specs. It cannot be overstated how terrible these pumps are.

Russell Muren

Denver CO


Hundreds of seconds of enjoyable operation!


This pump successfully pumped 2520 mL, as advertised. It appears that its mislabeled though, as it only did that one time, not once every minute. Perhaps the spec means 1 minute duty cycle, then disassemble and re-machine the gears that have welded together? The pump is acoustically satisfying. We were using it in a system with a 1/3hp motor, some 1/6hp centrifugal pumps, a 2kW gas-fired boiler, and a small vacuum pump. This pump comfortably drowned out all their other annoying noises with a nice E flat above middle C. In the 3 minutes that it ran, that tone rose about half an octave at a soothing rate. I presume this feature is so that you can track the motor speed without annoying interfaces like signal wiring. This pump is also much easier to debug than other pumps. I recently had to re-test a pump curve for another pump in our system which was very annoying. This one is very straightforward- 0 bar/0mL/min! Easy peasy. My biggest concern is that visual appeal. Now that its a paperweight, it is only the third nicest looking one I own, after a leaky heat exchanger and a flow meter with a stuck float. So it probably won't get used much that way.


Denver, CO


Pump runs well.


used in greenhouse on solar heating system.

The Kid

Northern Kentucky


Works Great, but noisy


I am using it to circulate hot water in home. Connected with PEX tubing that fits the barb fitting and standard 3/8 compression fitting. It has stalled, jammed, or failed to start pumping at 6volts but seems very reliable to start at 8 volts and up. The motor got very hot when it stalled, but fortunately did not burn out. It seems to be built very robust. Impressed with the pressure output and inlet draw. The only negative is the noise level. Have not measured the decibels, but an irritating rather loud hum at the speed I chose to run it. Good value, well performing and satisfied purchase.


North Carolina


works great!


Works great!




Good pump for low flow applications


I use the product for an anaerobic bioreactor. The pump works great, and is incredibly durable. The pump can be connected to a variable power supply and control the flow rate.


Lakewood, CO


120000/PQ-12DC Miniature Gear Pump, 0.67 GPM (2520 mL/min), 12 VDC Lab Model

3.6 7



The pump price is the same in any material (I'm interesting in stainless steel, how much is it?).


Please contact our Applications Department for current price and delivery time.

Dan C

Does it come with a controller to vary the voltage to the pump. If not what would you recommend?


This unit does not come with a controller to vary voltage to the pump. If you are looking to supply the pump with DC power you can utilize item 26849-80. If you are looking to supply the pump with variable AC power you can utilize item 00248-PK. Please contact our technical support department if you have any other questions on this item.


I recently asked "If all the other specs are met, is this pump suitable to pump liquid at -30°C (motor at room temperature)?" and got the response "The wetted parts cannot go down that low of a temperature." and couldn't find a way to ask a followup question so I am submitting this follow up. It seems like the only part that is even close to its temperature limit is the Buna-n. Buna-n is typically used as an o-ring. Is it possible to replace this o-ring with another material? Or is the problem not a fundamental material limit?


For future follow up questions, please contact our Applications department through email at techinfor@coleparmer.com. As stated previously this pump is not designed to handle a liquid at that low of a temperature.


If all the other specs are met, is this pump suitable to pump liquid at -30°C (motor at room temperature)?


The wetted parts cannot go down that low of a temperature.


Will the wetted parts be able to handle natural oils and butters of a high viscosity? ex. coconut oil, shea butter(melted form)


The maximum viscosity is 200cps.


Hello, do you think that you could supply this pump with a replaceable head (wetted parts only- the white plastic section) that could be taken off and replaced by hand? Thanks.

alan hansen

A replacement head can be ordered under 00248TP.


Is it safe to use for beverages?


This gear pump does not carry any FDA certifications for food or beverage contact.


Looking to use this in a closed loop chiller system to circulate glycol mixed water solution and prevent it from freezing


As long as the fluid does not solidify, it will be fine. It is tested down to 0C, but could likley be used a bit lower.


If I provide 12 volt DC to the pump and connect two noozles at about 40 cm what will be the pressure at the end point ?

the universe is infinite ?

The max pressure this will output is 21psi. There are too many factors involved to predict what the pressure would be, but it would have to be less than the 21psi.


What is the expected life at 50% duty cycle in an 8 hr per day closed loop water cooling system. Max temp around 60C


The life of the motor is roughly 1000 hours



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