Additel ADT227 Documenting Process Calibrator, Temperature and Pressure with HART Communicator

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Additel Mfr # ADT227-HART – Item # EW-68339-38
Small, portable unit with a built-in HART communicator
  • Sourcing, simulating and measuring pressure, temperature and electrical signals
  • Built-in full HART communicator
  • Built-in barometer
  • Large smartphone-like touchscreen enhances user experience
  • USB type-C and Bluetooth communications

$8,965.00USD / Each


Specifications & Description

  • Max Measurement (VDC)300
  • Min Measurement (VDC)-3
  • Max Measurement (VAC)300
  • Min Measurement (VAC)3
  • Max Measurement (mA DC)30
  • Min Measurement (mA DC)-30
  • Max Frequency (Hz)50000
  • Min Frequency (Hz)0.01
  • Max Source VDC (VDC)15
  • Min Source VDC (VDC)0
  • Max Source mV (mV)75
  • Min Source mV (mV)-10
  • Max Source mA (mA)25
  • Min Source mA (mA)0
  • Min Resistance (ohms)0
  • Max Resistance (ohms)4000
  • Max Temperature (° C)30
  • Operating Temperature Range -10°C to 50°C
  • Operating Humidty Range<95%, non-condensing
  • Display Type5.0 inch 480 x 800 mm TFT LCD capacitive screen
  • OutputIsolate USB-TYPEC (slave), Bluetooth BLE
  • ConnectionsØ4mm sockets and flat mini-jack thermocouple socket
  • Width (in)4 1/8
  • Height (in)2 1/25
  • Length (in)6 31/32
  • Width (cm)10.5
  • Height (cm)5.2
  • Length (cm)17.7
  • BatteriesRechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery life16 hours
  • DescriptionDocumenting Process Calibrator, Temperature and Pressure with HART Communicator
  • Warranty3 years
3 Year Warranty

Key Features

  • Sourcing, simulating and measuring pressure, temperature and electrical signals
  • Built-in full HART communicator
  • Built-in barometer
  • Large smartphone-like touchscreen enhances user experience
  • USB type-C and Bluetooth communications
  • IP67 rated
  • High voltage measurement capability (300V AC)
  • True RMS voltage meter capability
  • Dual channel pressure module ports
  • High static differential pressure measurement of 0.002% FS
  • ISO 17025-accredited calibration with data Included
  • 3 year warranty

More About this Item

The ADT227 series brings an all-new user interface to the world of process calibrators. With a menu driven interface and a small size/weight, the ADT227 is the industry's smallest advanced multifunctional process calibrator. It adopts advanced human hand engineering design for the most convenient field handheld process calibrator available. The ADT227 has been developed with a powerful embedded operating system which solves common problems of other designs including slow response, cumbersome key operation, high power consumption and overall slow processing. The demands of remote calibration work can be challenging, so the ADT227 is lightweight and highly portable while utilizing an advanced color LCD screen to help ensure you can easily see. All models in the ADT227 family have been designed with ruggedness and dependability in mind and meet IP67 standards with a 1-meter drop test, 4G vibration, xenon exposure and 130g steel ball drop testing of the display. Other environmental conditions have also been considered, such as temperature and humidity. To combat these external elements, Additel has designed a unique internal circuit design and process technology to allow for the utmost confidence in your critical calibration and measurement work.

Accuracies have been improved, including an electrical accuracy of 0.005% RD + 0.005% FS, high-static differential pressure mode accuracy to 0.002% FS and across the board improvements in temperature measurement accuracies. It also delivers highly improved thermocouple measurement capabilities by vastly improving the cold junction compensation (CJC) specifications resulting in a much-improved stabilization time. It is equipped with a “true effective value” RMS measuring function, which can measure the RMS of various waveforms with no need to consider distortion or waveform parameters and other errors caused by various waveforms.

Additel 227 Series Calibrators come with a powerful documenting calibration task application which provides a turnkey solution for automation and paperless calibration management. Tasks are easily created for temperature, pressure, flow, and loop instruments. Up to 10,000 documented tasks for ADT227 and up to 1,000 documented tasks for ADT227Ex can be stored in the extensive on-board memory. Many tasks, when executed, are fully automated in data collection and performance validation, such as pass/fail and hysteresis calculations. All information can be integrated into Additel’s ACal software for additional calibration management. The built-in full HART communicator will work with most HART transmitters. It contains an extensive DD library to meet the needs of your smart transmitter. The DD library is updated on a regular basis and at no additional cost. It's an ideal device for calibrating, maintaining, and troubleshooting HART instrumentations. The onboard applications provide a useful selection of features including high static differential pressure mode, pressure leak test, safety valve test, analog transmitter calibration, unit converter, thermal calculator, and snapshots. High static differential pressure mode uses two sensors and unique calculation technology to achieve a differential pressure measurement to 0.002% FS at high static pressures. The calibrator can record pressure, temperature, and electrical signals readings for a long period. Recorded values can be displayed numerically or graphically to identify trending. Up to 500 results can be stored. Each result can record up to seven channels with up to 100,0000 readings in each channel. These results can be easily exported to Additel application software. Each log session is easily configured at a set interval and each reading is provided with a date and time stamp. Users can remotely connect mobile devices to the ADT227 via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication with an unobstructed distance up 20 meters. The included USB type-C comm port and cable provide a hard-wired communication option as well as charging for the removeable Li-ion battery, which provides up to 35 hours of run time. In addition to all the great features mentioned above, the ADT227 is loaded with time saving features like a built-in pressure and temperature converter, thermal calculator, wiring diagram guide for assisting with electrical connections, a built-in diagnostic center including intelligent alarm messaging, and a real time error report and comprehensive self-testing to help customers get the very most out of their investment.




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