Amprobe AT-1000 Advanced Wire Tracer, 300V

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Amprobe Mfr # AT-1000 – Item # EW-17782-24
Available for sale in the United States and Canada only

$450.00USD / Each
$500.00USD / Each


Specifications & Description

  • DescriptionAdvanced Wire Tracer, 300V

More About this Item

Enables tracing of both deenergized and energized circuits up to 300V AC/DC. The transmitter can be directly connected to deenergized lines to search for opens or shorts or directly connected to energized lines to identify breakers and circuit paths. The receiver contains two user selected detectors for "open" or "current" tracing. The circuit carrying the signal is confirmed when the receiver emits an audibly pulsed tone and displays the signal strength visually on the four LED signal strength indicator.

  • Trace Energized Lines up to 300V AC or DC
  • Trace Deenergized and Open Conductors
  • Identify Breakers and Fuses without powering down
  • Locate Shorts
  • Identify Wires in a Bundle
  • Identify Control, Alarm, and Telephone System Wiring
  • Trace Coaxial Cable




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