Argos Technologies HandE-Vac Handheld Waste Disposal System/Controller Set

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Argos Technologies Item # EW-13050-32
Safe, compact and flexible aspiration device for your biological waste

$482.10USD / Each


Specifications & Description

  • DescriptionHandheld Waste Disposal System/Controller Set


More About this Item

The Vacusafe comfort is designed to collect critical liquids. Waste is collected in the bottle through vacuum and variety of hand operator. All parts, except the basic housing containing the pump, are fully autoclavable. The 4-litre bottle supplied is made from polypropylene and will not shatter if dropped. Full bottles can be swapped out and autoclaved with the minimum of effort and new bottles replaced within seconds. A hydrophobic filter prevents liquids getting into the pump and pump housing in the event of an overflow. The vacuum can be infinitely variably controlled and therefore adjusted to meet your precise needs.

The hand operator 13050-34 is designed to fit any vacuum device currently available on the market. Control over the vacuum can be set by manual adjustment of the aperture with the control button. It can also be used with pasteur pipetts or any adaptor list below.

To simply change out the adapters, switch the adapter to unlock.




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