B&K Precision 231A Deluxe Multi-Network Cable Tester

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B&K Precision Mfr # 231A – Item # EW-20020-89

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Specifications & Description

  • DescriptionDeluxe Multi-Network Cable Tester

More About this Item

Multi-Network Cable Testers
Multi-Network Cable Tester tests thin Ethernet (BNC), 10BaseT (UTP/STP),100BaseTx, RJ45, TIA-568A, TIA-568B, and Token Ring cables within a few seconds. It detects miswiring, polarization, and continuity. Also tests the ground of shielded twisted pair cables. With the remote unit, you can remotely test installed cable either from the wall plate or patch panel.

  • Auto scans thin Ethernet (BNC),10Base T (UTP/STP), 100BaseTx, RJ45,356A, TIA-568A, TIA-568B, and Token Ring cables in seconds
  • Detects miswiring, polarization, and continuity
  • Also tests the ground of shielded twisted pair cables
  • Tests cables before or after installation with the remote unit
  • LED display for clear indication of problems
  • Protective rubber boot
  • Belt clip

Deluxe Multi-Network Cable Tester easily reads the correct pin configuration of 10BaseT cable(category 5), 100BaseTx, 10Base2 cable (coax) and RJ45/RJ11modular cables, 356A, TIA-568A, TIA-568B and Token Ring cables by comparing one transmitting end to the corresponding receiving end. With the remote kit, it can test cables installed far away either on wall plate or patch panel up to 1000ft away. It is easy to verify the cable continuity, open, short, and crossconnect, featuring auto or manual scan for pin-out indicators.
  • Tests 10BaseT, 100BaseTx, 10Base2, RJ45, RJ11, 356A,TIA-568A, TIA-568B, and Token Ring cables
  • Detects open, short, cross, and continuity
  • Tests Point-to-Point, rather than Pair-to-Pair
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Tests cables on wall plate or patch panel up to 1000 ft away with the remote kit
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Protective rubber boot and Belt clip




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