Chem Express X571 Aldehyde Badge, with PrePaid Analysis, Pk 5

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Chem Express Mfr # X571 – Item # EW-86378-32
Analysis performed in an AIHA-accredited lab
  • Save money and time with prepaid analysis
  • Lightweight and easy to use

$376.00USD / Pkg of 5


Specifications & Description

  • Gases MeasuredAldehydes
  • DescriptionAldehyde Badge, with PrePaid Analysis, Pk 5

Key Features

  • Save money and time with prepaid analysis
  • Lightweight and easy to use

More About this Item

ChemExpress™ Aldehyde Badge Monitor Badge is used to measure eight hour PELs with detection levels below 0.01ppm for formaldehyde, and 0.001ppm for glutaraldehyde, and STEL detection levels below 0.2ppm for formaldehyde, and 0.02ppm for glutaraldehyde. The sample filter is extracted with acetonitrile and analyzed by HPLC using a UV detector. Can be used to sample for 10 different aldehydes.

Personal monitoring badges are the most cost effective and efficient ways to monitor chemicals in your environment. Badges are easy to use and require minimal training and experience. They are small and light weight and have minimal effect on worker productivity. Badges are diffusive devices that require no additional equipment such as sampling pumps, calibration materials, or chargers. These long-term badges have a low sampling rate preventing the exceedance of their capacity. Prepaid analysis on all badges is performed in an AIHA-accredited lab.




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