Clift Industries 2901-005 Hf Acid Eater Spill Kit; 5 Gal.; 1 Pack/case

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Clift Industries Mfr # 2901-005 – Item # EW-86295-04
Neutralizes Hydrofluoric Acid into safe Organic salts


$270.00USD / Each


Specifications & Description

  • DescriptionHf Acid Eater Spill Kit; 5 Gal.; 1 Pack/case

More About this Item

Unlike caustic soda and soda ash, which forms poisonous bi-fluoride, HF Acid Eater completely destroys the hydrofluoric acid polymer. This neutralizer has a 1:1 neutralization ratio as apposed to the 12:1 ratio of caustic soda. pH indicator additive eliminates the need for additional pH strips taking out the guess work. HF Acid Eater is nonhazardous and noncorrosive, and is excellent for a variety of uses and applications. Apply on horizontal, vertical, and perforated surfaces. Also neutralizes vapors and reduces odors.




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