Cole-Parmer Symmetry PL-LBC-3K CS-Series Counting Scale, 3kg x 0.1g 115V

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Cole-Parmer Symmetry Item # EW-10000-61
Basic parts counting in a compact, portable bench scale
  • Three backlit LCDs show count, piece weight, and total weight
  • Numeric keypad for direct entry of piece weights
  • Large stainless steel pan


$260.00USD / Each

$151.00USD / Each

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$151.00USD / Each
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Specifications & Description

  • Capacity (g)3000
  • Capacity (kg)3
  • Capacity (lbs)6.5
  • Readability (g)0.1
  • Repeatability (g)0.1
  • Linearity (g)0.2
  • Weighing Unitsg, kg, lb
  • Calibration TypeExternal
  • BatteryRechargeable (included)
  • Power (VAC)115
  • Height (in)4 1/2
  • Width (in)10
  • Depth (in)12
  • Platform Length (in)10
  • Platform Width (in)7
  • DescriptionCS-Series Counting Scale, 3kg x 0.1g 115V
Two year warranty


AC power adapter, internal rechargeable battery

Key Features

  • Three backlit LCDs show count, piece weight, and total weight
  • Numeric keypad for direct entry of piece weights
  • Large stainless steel pan

More About this Item

Affordable, compact, and portable, these scales offer fast parts counting wherever you need it. Take them through the warehouse or use them in your lab. With a built-in rechargeable battery that delivers up to 90 hours of operation on a single charge, you can use them for weeks without having to recharge.




How does the RS232 output work? I am looking to output only the total weight to an external instrument for monitoring purposes.


It can output the total weight.


I am unable to perform the calibration. The instruction says "Press [Tare] key to enter the calibration mode. The display will show ZErO". Well, my display keeps on showing CALI when I press [Tare] or any other button, as if this section of the parameter menu was blocked.


You must first be in the normal weighting mode. In order to enter the calibration parameter you must first hold down the "ZERO" key, and while holding the "ZERO" key you must then press the "TARE" Key. The display will show the revision number in the "Weight" display,the "Unit Weight" display will show "- - - - " requesting the password number to be entered. The default password is "0000" but other numbers can be set using the parameter menus. Press the [0] key four times. Press [M+/↵] until the display shows "CALI" Press [Tare] key to enter the calibrate mode. The display will show "ZERO" and when the appears stable press the [M+/↵] key to confirm. Then press the numeric keys to enter the calibrate mass value and proceed with the calibration.


Our Symmetry CS Industrial Counting Scale will not weigh or count and is showing an "Error 2". What does this mean?

This could be a calibration error. If you are able to re-calibrate the unit it should clear the error. If you cannot then the unit will need to come in for repair.


I am wondering if this scale is for weighting or for counting?


For both actually. Digital Counting scales look at the weight of the parts you place on the weighing platform and divide the weight by the number of pieces you entered, to compute the average piece weight (APW).



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