Economical Infrared Temperature Calibrator, English/French Version

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Easily calibrate your infrared calibrator

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  • DescriptionEconomical Infrared Temperature Calibrator, English/French Version

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Simpy aim your IR thermometer at the black area and compare the temperature on the IR thermometer to the green reading on the temperature strip.
Instructions on calibration mat are provided in English and French.

Calibrate temperature range: 26 to 56°F (-3 to 13°C)



Where would you stick this unit typically to mount it? Stainless steel is typically not magnetic. I've seen this type of unit at room temperatures as well. Do they still make those?


It is magnetic, but not stainless steel. The temperature strip is for the specified range; different temperature strips could be used with the black spot area. This is the only version available.


Does this have a Certificate of Calibration? If, yes How much?


No it doesn't include a certificate and the mat cannot be calibrated. This is intended to merely act as a simple indicator.


Does the Calimat have a definite lifespan or expiry date after which the accuracy becomes impaired?

As long as the mat is properly cared for and is free of damage or dirt; the mat itself should provide an indefinitely long service life. Improper storage or exposure to extreme temperatures or environments will shorten the useful life of the item.


Does this product satisfy requirements for thermometers that need to be calibrated against a National standard?


No it doesn't. It is merely a gross performance check and not accurate enough, nor can the mat be calibrated. Contact our Innocal calibration laboratory, an A2LA Accredited laboratory for true NIST or ISO 17025 calibrations of all temperature products.



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