Gast High-Capacity Vacuum Pump DOA-P704-AA

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Gast Mfr # DOA-P704-AA – Item # EW-07061-40
Free-air capacities up to 2.2 cfm (62.3 L/min)
  • Shaded-pole, fan-cooled motor has thermal overload switch to protect your pump system
  • Different pump models have heads in parallel for higher capacity or series for greater vacuum
  • Select vacuum pumps with or without gauges, regulators, and valves
  • Runs dry
  • Gauge/Reg; 1.1 cfm/25.5"Hg-60psi/115V


$571.00USD / Each
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Specifications & Description

  • Wetted Parts304 Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Nordel®, Nomex®
  • Free-Air Capacity (CFM)1.1
  • Free-Air Capacity (LPM)31.1
  • Free-Air Capacity (LPH)1866
  • Max Flow Rate (CFM)1.09
  • Max Flow Rate (Liters/min)31.2
  • Max Pressure (PSI)60
  • Max Pressure (bar)4.2
  • Max Vacuum (in Hg)25.5
  • Max Vacuum (mbar)149.8
  • Max Vacuum (mm Hg)112.3
  • Max Vacuum (torr)112.3
  • Noise Level (dB)68
  • Port Size1/4" NPT(F), 3/8" hose barb on gauges
  • Max Temperature (° F)100
  • Max Temperature (° C)38
  • Duty CycleContinuous
  • Power (VAC)115
  • Power (amps)4.2
  • Power (Hz)60
  • Motor Typepermanent split capacitor
  • Stages1
  • Height (in)10.25
  • Length (in)7.625
  • Height (cm)26.04
  • Length (cm)19.37
  • Height (mm)260.4
  • Length (mm)193.7
  • Motor hp1/8
  • DescriptionHigh-Capacity Vacuum Pump, Gauge/Reg; 1.1 cfm/25.5"Hg/115V


a 6-ft (1.8-m) three-wire cord with US standard plug.

Key Features

  • Shaded-pole, fan-cooled motor has thermal overload switch to protect your pump system
  • Different pump models have heads in parallel for higher capacity or series for greater vacuum
  • Select vacuum pumps with or without gauges, regulators, and valves
  • Runs dry
  • Gauge/Reg; 1.1 cfm/25.5"Hg-60psi/115V

More About this Item

If you need a small, quiet source of vacuum or pressure, you’ll find the unit for your application in the Gast line of oilless diaphragm air compressors and vacuum pumps. These pumps are available in single- and dual-head styles.

Airflow capabilities for the entire Gast Pump line range from 0.65 L/min up to 3.8 cfm (6.5 m3/hr), vacuum up to 29 in. Hg (31 mbar), and pressure up to 60 psig (4.2 bar). Electric motors are available in dual frequency, shaded pole, and permanent split capacitor (psc) versions, as well as AC multi-voltages for worldwide applications.



We use several of these and they always perform well.


We use this pump for applications from vacuuming small particulate through a filter to degassing epoxy in a bell jar. It always works as expected.


Albuquerque, NM


Excellent produt. Highly recommmended.


I find this vacuum pump reliable and easy to use. I have used intensively and had no issues at all.

Plant hydrayulics

Davis, CA


WOW! expect performance for many years


This pump is used in a manufacturing facility and experiences wide humidity and temperature changes. Also experiences the occasional "wash down" from careless operators. The unit finally failed after it was completely flooded by the CIP crew during cleanup. After digging through the files I discovered that the pump was purchased in 1996 and has been used m-f every week since then! great unit and have no issues buying anouther one.

Folsom Prision inmate R.D.

Phoenix, Az.


Perfect little pump.


Very quiet and compact

AOS Brad

Tucson, AZ


Relief valve doesn't hold vacuum


It works fine for continuous vacuum suction but it leaks vacuum after the pump is switched off. If you need to hold the vacuum, an external check valve is required.


Weston, MA


Vacuum Pump Worked Well From Start.


Worked right out of the box with very little setup.


Charlottesville, VA


exactly what we needed


Exactly what we needed for benchtop vacuum filtrations. Quieter than expected.


Boulder, CO


Gast DOA-P704-AA High-Capacity Vacuum Pump, Gauge/Reg; 1.1 cfm/25.5"Hg-60psi/115V

4.3 7



I want to filter water samples through a fine filter in order to separate suspended solids from the water. Can this pump be used to create a vacuum on one side of the filter when water is being filtered or would this be a functioning and/ or safety hazard? How could I best set this up safely?


Please contact our Applications Department for assistance with your application inquiry.

Dan C

I want to use the vacuum pump to pump a chamber and make the chamber's pressure to about 1Pa. Can this item work? Thank you so much.


The rating for this vacuum pump is 25.5"Hg. You will need a regulator in order to achieve the pressure you are trying to obtain.

Dan C

Hi What is the pump's weight? Rgd


The weight is 18 lbs.


is there an on/off switch without unplugging the pump?


This unit does not have an on/off switch.


Yes, it is a large black rocker switch on the right (vacuum) side, located at the top right with ON and OFF engraved with white fill.


We are working or a small research vessel on the Chesapeake Bay. We process salt water samples by running the samples through filter pads and are currently using a Gast rotary vane vacuum pump at 10 PSI. We are inside the cabin of the vessel but water does get splashed around sometimes. Would this stand up to working in the field?


The 07056-32 may be better suited as it has a totally enclosed, fan cooled motor (TEFC). This means that the motor is dust tight, and has a moderate water seal as well. TEFC motors are not secure against high pressure water nor submersible.


Can I control the pressure of air that leaves the pump? I want to operate at a pressure of 14.5 PSI. Is that something possible to do with this device? Thanks.


The pressure can be controlled via the regulator; adjust and observe the gauge until the desired setting is reached.


what is the difference between EW-07061-21 and this one EW-07061-40?


Item EW-07061-40 includes the gauges, regulators, and the adjustable relief valve. the EW-07061-21 is just the pump without gauges or regulators.


Hello, we are looking to purchase a vaccum pump for laboratory use to filter crude oil samples (solids in oil).. kindly advise if the above pump can be used.. will the hydrocarbon vapors cause any concerns? especially from a safety perspective. Thanks PKF


While only air should ideally be going through the vacuum pump, there might be some reaction between the hydrocarbons and the wetted parts. 79200-10 might be a better option for this application.


I want to have my students work with flash chromatography, the original setup used by Still and Kahn. Can this pump handle that properly? If so, how many setups could be used per pump? If not, what would be appropriate?

Chem prof!

The number of pumps required will be determined by the amount of vacuum required by each setup as well as the number of setups will be ran at the same time. This pump is capable of 25.5" Hg max vacuum.


Can this pump maintain suction to 12 suction cups?


That would depend on the amount of vacuum is required for each suction cup. This pump is rated for a max vacuum of 25.5" Hg.



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