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Megger 560060 Phase/Motor Rotation Tester 50/60 Hz

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Megger Mfr # 560060 – Item # EW-20022-76


Specifications & Description

  • DC Max (Volts)600
  • AC Max (Volts)600
  • DescriptionPhase/Motor Rotation Tester 50/60 Hz

More About this Item

The Motor and Phase Rotation tester permits the electrical contractor or industrial maintenance electrician to permanently connect and tape the terminals of the motor being installed, without having to first energize the motor by a temporary hookup from a power source, if available, to determine motor rotation.
Therefore, the test set eliminates the need for temporary connectiosn that can be time consuming, costly and quite hazardous, particularly where many large, high voltage motors are involved.

  • Determines rotation direction of one, two or three-phase motors before connection to line
  • Determines phase rotation or sequence of energized power circuits
  • Determines polarity of instrument and power transformers
  • Determines phase/polarity of unmarked motor windings
  • Identifies true phase sequence of energized AC power lines up to 600 volts (Higher voltages can be tested by interposing a step-down transformer.)




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