Micropump L21834 A-Mount Suction Shoe Pump Head; SS/Graphite/PTFE; 0.017 mL/rev

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Micropump Mfr # L21834 – Item # EW-07002-25
Smooth pulseless flow provides precise, leak-free delivery of fluids
  • Suction shoe design provides higher delivery pressures and temperatures, plus increased efficiency.


$830.00USD / Each


Specifications & Description

  • Max Flow Rate (mL/min)85
  • Flow Rate (mL/rev)0.017
  • Min Flow Rate (mL/min)0.85
  • Differential Pressure (PSI)20
  • Differential Pressure (bar)1.4
  • Suction Lift, Wet (in H₂O)24
  • Suction Lift, Wet (mm of H₂O)610
  • Max Motor RPM (rpm)8000
  • Seal MaterialPTFE
  • Body Material316 SS
  • Gear MaterialCarbon graphite
  • Inlet Connection (NPT(F))1/8
  • Outlet Connection (NPT(F))1/8
  • ReversibleNo
  • Relief ValveNo
  • Internal BypassNo
  • Run DryUnder 30 seconds
  • Duty Cycle ContinuousYes, 150 to 5000 rpm
  • ParticulatesNo
  • Max Temperature (° F)250
  • Min Temperature (° F)-50
  • Max Temperature (° C)121
  • Min Temperature (° C)-46
  • Max Viscosity (cP)1500
  • Min Viscosity (cP)0.2
  • DescriptionA-Mount Suction Shoe Pump Head; SS/Graphite/PTFE; 0.017 mL/rev

Key Features

  • Suction shoe design provides higher delivery pressures and temperatures, plus increased efficiency.

More About this Item

Magnetically driven, precision-geared pump heads provide smooth, accurate, pulseless fluid delivery. The magnetic drive and static seals keep fluids securely inside and potential contaminants out. Chemical resistant materials handle a wide range of materials (due to wetted parts). Pump heads are compact and easy to service. Modular design offers flexibility—configure to your specific needs.

Service kits include: gears, suction shoe, shaft seals, and springs.

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Extremely fragile, unreliable


I used this product to pump chlorosilanes, which are compatible with Stainless Steel - however, corrosion was evident after one use. The graphite gear teeth are extremely fragile and any particulates in the liquid will cause the teeth to bind and break off. I would not recommend this product for use because of the graphite gears.


Carrollton, KY


Micropump L21834 A-Mount Suction Shoe Pump Head; SS/Graphite/PTFE; 0.017 mL/rev

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Hi can I check with you I am trying to use this micro pump at 100 RPM. Is it possible? And also is this pump also suitable to be used with DMF chemical fluid?

Feng Hua

This pump head has a flow rate of 0.017 mL/rev and can be run up to 8000 rpm. For continuous duty 5000 rpm is the max. The wetted materials are 316 stainless steel, graphite, and PTFE. You can view our chemical compatibility database via the link below. https://www.coleparmer.com/chemical-resistance


I have a 75211-50 Gear Pump with a 07002-25 pump head and would like to get flow rates of 50ml/min. I was wondering what the max flow rate is with this combo? If this cannot achieve the flows I need, what pump head should I purchase?


The maximum flow rate you will get with this pumphead and drive is 61 ml/min. This is based on the viscosity of water and no suction lift.

Dan C

Will this pump head (EW-07002-25) work with the drive (EW-75211-70) to flow at rates down to 0.6 mL/min


Yes, this pump head and drive are compatible together, and will give you a flow of approximately 0.612 mL at the lowest speed.


We use these type gear head and digital pump. One of them makes noise which sounds like scratching glass when we flow 36ml/min. Is it the sign of out ou order? Was't our installation good?

Yuta Takaishi

Please check to make sure the gears are not worn down. Also, please make sure that the gear pump is not run dry.


If the pumping fluid includes magnetic particles, will these particles be trapped by the magnetic field induced by the magnetically driven head (i.e., the particles stay at the head and not pumped out)? The particles are about 10 um in diameter. Thanks.

Gear pumps are not suggested for fluids with particles as they will ruin the gears. I peristaltic pump may be more appropriate in this applicaiton. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your application and needs.



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