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ISCO Retriever 500 Mini Fraction Collector, 12 to13 mm tubes

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ISCO Retriever 500 Mfr # BOM-41 – Item # EW-01474-60
Big capacity with a little footprint Only available for sale in United States


Specifications & Description

  • Min temperature (° F)32
  • Max temperature (° F)104
  • Min temperature (° C)0
  • Max temperature (° C)40
  • Number of Test Tubes6
  • Collection Modestime, drop, volume (with ISCO Tris® Pump), peak slope (with UA-6 detector)
  • Parameter Memorymanual
  • Event MarkerOpen collector signals tube change or rack change
  • Interfaceevent mark, pump shutoff
  • Width (cm)21
  • Height (cm)18
  • Depth (cm)29
  • Power (VAC)100 / 234
  • Power (Hz)50/60
  • DescriptionMini Fraction Collector, 12 to13 mm tubes

More About this Item

Only the size of a notebook page, Retriever 500 holds over a hundred tubes and fits efficiently into available space. Use Retriever 500 for easy collection of HPLC or low-pressure LC fractions. Standard configuration includes a stationary drop former. Collect uniform fractions by time or drop count. Automatically stops or diverts flow before each tube change, at the end of a run, and during a power failure.

Retriever 500 moves collection vessels to the fluid delivery point. The multiple-rack, linear-movement configuration lets you remove filled tube groups at any time. A special "stop" rack, color coded red, marks the end of the run, shutting off the collector and a connected pump. The simple, reliable drive mechanism uses only one motor and has been proven in over 30,000 similar Isco instruments. An infrared rack sensing device precisely locates when mixed racks are used or when racks are left out.

The Retriever 500 fits easily in a cramped coldroom. It operates on 14 volts supplied by a wall transformer. The thin low-voltage cord passes easily by a refrigerator door gasket.




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