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Cole-Parmer Polystat 6-liter Refrigerated Circulating Bath with Digital Control, 120 VAC

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Cole-Parmer Polystat Item # EW-12108-10
Powerful refrigeration system provides excellent heat load removal across range of operating temperatures
  • Measures only 8-1/4''W — takes up minimal room in your lab


Specifications & Description

  • Description6-liter Refrigerated Circulating Bath with Digital Control, 120 VAC


lid, two 1/4" NPT(F) x 3/8" hose barb fittings (except models 12108-00 and -05 which come with nylon male adapters for 3/8", 1/4", and 3/16" tubing), and 6-ft power cord with three-prong plug (230 VAC models have European plug).

Key Features

  • Measures only 8-1/4''W — takes up minimal room in your lab

More About this Item

These baths are ideal for industrial or laboratory applications with a wide variety of temperature control requirements. Available in 6-, 13-, and 28-liter tank capacities the compact footprint maximizes bench space. Robust refrigeration system with metering control provides fast heat removal and stable temperatures. Industrial-grade circulating pumps deliver extra pressure providing more efficient heat exchange, better temperature uniformity, and improved reservoir agitation. Added pump pressure provides greater flexibility on where you place the circulator. Long-life high-wattage heaters deliver fast fluid heat up for applications requiring rapid fluctuations. Overtemperature and low-level cutouts protect baths from adverse events. Secondary, user-settable overtemperature thermostat provides an added level of security. Outlet connections are 1⁄4'' NPT(M).

Standard Digital Controller Bath

  • Digital technology at an analog price

Bath features ±0.05°C temperature stability down to -20°C. The LED readout lets you continuously monitor fluid temperature, simply press a button to display set temperature. Rapidly change set point with rotary encoder or with three user-selectable preset temperature set points. Read temperature in °C or °F. High-temperature cutoff and low-liquid cutoff ensure safe operation.
Vertical design saves valuable lab space. Switch-selectable two-speed pump has 1/4" NPT(F) inlet/outlet ports, which accept 13-mm ID tubing.


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Good for those who like it.


A critically important parameter for a recirculating bath is cooling power, however that information is rarely provided by vendors. The user needs a table of cooling power in Watts vs. temperature to determine if a cooling bath will meet his needs. My Polystat Model 12101 bath fits nicely under the table, is easy to use, quiet, and nice looking, but it cannot keep up with the cooling demand for a SETARAM TG-DSC 111.

Flávio Gomez


this bath does what it says it will do


This bath has been durable, able to withstand temperaure ranges from -10°C to 150°C on a daily basis. This bath has maintained accurate temperature readings. These have been counter checked with other temperature probes. This bath allows for a N2 purge to keep condensate to a minimum while temperatures are low. This has helped to maintain the purity of the silicone oil.

Susan Squirrel woman

Cincinnati, Ohio


Many applications for this product


This unit receives heavy (daily) use in our lab with little ill effect. It ramps from 20°C to 130°C over the course of a 9 hour day while circulating Dow Corning 200 fluid @ 20 cst. I have used the unit since purchase (5 months) with no problems. We will soon be taking the unit to -10°C. I am looking forward to that. I am recommending this unit for its sturdy performance in the face of great demands placed upon it.

Sue, the TREF person

Cincinnati, Ohio


Cole-Parmer Polystat 6-liter Refrigerated Circulating Bath with Digital Control, 120 VAC

3.7 3



What does the code LLO mean when attempting to change the temperature setting?


The display of "LLo" on the unit indicates Local Lockout. This feature enables the user to lock all controls on the controller. While the feature is activated, the unit will remain running at the current settings. To activate the local lockout feature, press and hold the Select/Set Knob for 10 seconds. Once locked, the screen will read LLo. When locked, the setpoint decimal point will not flash as usual. Press and hold the Select/Set Knob again for 10 seconds to unlock the controls. Once unlocked, the screen will read CAn.



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