Oakton by Cole-Parmer® Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE), Silver/Sulfide, Double-Junction, BNC

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Oakton Item # EW-27502-41
Save money and frustration - cost effective and easy to use
  • Easily fit into small spaces—no additional reference electrode is needed
  • Silver/Sulfide (Ag⁺/S⁻²) ISE with glass body
  • 6 month warranty


$561.00USD / Each
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Specifications & Description

  • DescriptionISE electrode, silver/sulfide, double-junction, BNC
  • Warranty6 month
6 Month Warranty

Key Features

  • Easily fit into small spaces—no additional reference electrode is needed
  • Silver/Sulfide (Ag⁺/S⁻²) ISE with glass body
  • 6 month warranty

More About this Item

Whether your application involves end point determinations in potentiometric titrations or continuous monitoring of specific ions, we can help you find the right electrode for the job. These fast and accurate electrodes do not require an external reference—they're easier to use than separate sensing and reference half-cell electrodes. All Cole-Parmer electrodes are double-junction combination ion-selective electrodes and are convenient to use in places where two electrodes won't fit. All electrodes include a 30-mL bottle of reference solution, a reference filling pipette, 1-m cable, BNC connector, and an instruction manual. Solid-state electrodes also have twelve polishing strips.
Economy Epoxy Electrodes have a durable epoxy body and are well-suited for portable field applications. Outer reference chamber is silver-free and resists contamination. These electrodes are refillable.
Laboratory Glass Electrodes are double-junction in design, with a glass body that provides high-quality measurements for your laboratory applications. Improved glass seal enhances performance and reliability. Sealed inner junctions and refillable outer junctions accommodate special reference fill solutions—ideal for low-concentration measurements. Use electrodes with a meter that has a resolution of 0.1 mV for the most accurate results. Many meters in our ''pH/Ion Meters'' section have 0.1 mV resolution; several also give direct readings in ppm. For monitoring ions not listed below, call our Application Specialists for more electrode application information.

Case Study: Mining metals analysis using the Oakton by Cole-Parmer® Silver Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) to detect the quantity of silver present in an ore or alloy maximizing the output while minimizing cost.





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