ResinTech Phoenix UV Bulb Replacement

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ResinTech Mfr # CLX-5000-016 – Item # EW-99285-49
Accessories, options, and consumables for Phoenix Academy, Citation, Biochem, and Genome Ultra-hihg Purity Water Systems


$239.00USD / Each


Specifications & Description

  • Special FeaturesConsumable
  • DescriptionUV Bulb Replacement

More About this Item

A complete package requires a system, conditioning cartridge, polishing cartridge, and final filter.

1. Choose from four base Phoenix systems with benchtop or remote dispensing
2. Choose conditioning cartridge 99285-45 for RO water feed or 99285-46 for SDI/tap water feed
3. Choose polishing cartridge 99285-43 for standard results or 99285-44 for additional organics removal
4. Choose final filter 99285-27 for 0.2µm pariculate removal or 99285-47 for additional endotoxin removal

Options (must be ordered with unit, factory installation required):
Item 99285-39 - adds in flow totalizer function, viewable on display
Item 99285-40 - adds in a direct feed port
Item 99285-41 - adds in a recirculating dispensing gun (for units without a remote dispense function)
Item 99285-42 - adds in a wall mounting bracket to clear up bench space

Consumables (depend upon the base system chosen):
Item 99285-48 is the replacement ultrafilter for the Biochem and Genome models
Item 99285-49 is the replacement UV lamp for the Citation and Genome models
And item 99285-50 is the sanitatino skit to be used by all Phoenix models (Academy, Biochem, Citation, and Genome)




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