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Texas Electronics WSC-5-DDOR Wind Speed Controller Dual Set Point

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Texas Electronics Mfr # WSC-5-DDOR – Item # EW-93850-37


Specifications & Description

  • DescriptionWind Speed Controller Dual Set Point

More About this Item

The Wind Speed Activated Control System is designed for switching on and/or off, various types of equipment such as deodorizers, air samplers, alarms, beacons, etc. when wind speed exceeds or falls below a certain selectable control value. The control output function (either switch-on or switch-off, or both) can be set for activation depending upon the requirements of the user. An adjustable time delay for each set point can be made available which minimizes premature on-off cycling of the controlled equipment when wind speed is fluctuating above or below the selected pre-set value.

Two modes of operation are provided - Automatic and Latching. In the automatic mode, the relay(s) is energized at wind speed exceeding the set point(s), but automatically de-energizes when wind speed falls below the set point(s). In the latching mode, the relay(s) energizes when the wind speed set point(s) is exceeded and remains energized until manually reset.

The indicator/control components are housed in a NEMA enclosure for maximum environmental protection. Conduit connectors are mounted on the cabinet base for entry of respective cables. A terminal strip is provided within the enclosure for making the appropriate cable connections. A clear Lexan window in the door allows viewing of the control panel without opening the door.




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