UTI Ultrasonic Cavitation Probe/Detector

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UTI Mfr # 101 – Item # EW-08800-00
Directly view ultrasonic activity and eliminate guesswork about cleaning effectiveness

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Specifications & Description

  • Length (in)24
  • Length (cm)61
  • DescriptionUltrasonic Cavitation Probe/Detector


carrying case.

More About this Item

Make sound waves visible! Use this cavitation probe to measure frequency in an operating ultrasonic system and evaluate actual cleaning conditions.
The probe is easy to use—lower the device into the ultrasonic cleaning tank and immediately measure the wavelength by observing the standing waves in the fluid. Since cleaning occurs only where the sound waves strike the object to be cleaned, you can directly see the cleaning effectiveness. Move the probe to any position to identify dead spots. The probe will also help you detect frequency shifts, determine sweep frequencies, reveal ultrasonic shadowing, display state of fluid degassing, and confirm ideal frequency for specific cleaning tasks. Recommended temperature range is 50 to 150°F.




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