Vector Laboratories ImmPRESS VR Polymer HRP Anti-Mouse IgG Reagent, 15 ml

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Vector Laboratories Mfr # MP-6402-15 – Item # EW-93951-30
Provides highly sensitive, one-step detection
  • Shorter assay time
  • Simplified multiple labeling


$211.00USD / Each


Specifications & Description

  • Capacity (mL)15
  • Capacity (Number of slides)75 to 150
  • DescriptionVR Polymer HRP Anti-Mouse IgG Reagent, 15 ml

Key Features

  • Shorter assay time
  • Simplified multiple labeling

More About this Item

The ImmPRESS polymer kits offer a sensitive, ready-to-use, one-step detection system for immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry staining. The kits feature micropolymers of highly active enzymes (peroxidase or alkaline phosphatase) attached to purified secondary antibodies, producing reagents with outstanding sensitivity and low background The micropolymers of the reagent limit steric interference and provide enhanced accessibility to the target. The result is crisp, strong staining of antibody targets, especially nuclear and membrane antigens.

The reagents included in all the kits come prediluted in ready-to-use dropper bottles along with prediluted blocking serum. No mixing or titering is necessary to obtain optimal tissue section staining.




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